7 Vegan Restaurants in Paris to Try On Your Romantic Valentine Weekend Getaway

Whether you’re after a Valentine’s Day weekend of romance, a few days getting stuck into history, or you’re a budding fashionista, Paris has a lot to offer its many visitors. However, the city of love is not often associated with plant-based food, given the French reputation for meat and dairy-heavy cuisine. But, there are some restaurants in the capital that are aware not everyone wants to eat frogs legs or cheesy Croque Monsieur. Lucky for those looking to avoid meat and dairy – but still take in the sights and sounds of one the most famous cities in the world – Paris is also home to a selection of vegan eateries.

Le Potager de Charlotte

Created by two brothers who are passionate about health, the environment, and animal welfare, upmarket Le Potager de Charlotte intends to bring a new “epicurean and gourmet approach to plant-based cuisine, along with a generous and warm-hearted service.” Its menu includes avocado served “hard boiled egg style,” Rice Vermicelli, and Chocolate Baked Pear.